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Here's what Chefs, Customers and Celebs have to say about the Olive Oil Man:

"Back in 2009 I bought a bottle of the "Black Gold" Lemon balsamic, and took it to an interview day to work as a chef in the French Alps for a very good company. In that day I made a seared duck breast a with candy beetroot and baby leaf salad, and used the balsamic as a base for the dressing. I was hired on the spot, and spent a good long while working in a dream location. Needless to say, any time I am back in Wells City, UK I keep a look-out for Mike's stall for a refill!" Chef LP, April 2014


We wish you all the best in your never ending battle for quality over quantity... Kind Regards, Dr Adrian R. 2 August 2012

Dear Michael,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
"Michael has made searching for the best products a life-mission - no-one is more dedicated to hunting down high quality oils and oil-related products across the world. In addition, he gives his personal attention to anyone who wants to learn how to appreciate these superb products at their best with knowledge and enthusiasm. I would recommend his products and his ability to sell them, including his skill at demonstrating the reasons why his particular fresh oils and quality vinegars are in every way superior." Sue E. June 2011
Nicholas Cage on a purchasing trip to Michael North, The Olive Oil Man at Wells City regular Saturday Market said "I like something more vinegary" Michael offered the new White Balsamic in a B-Shot spray - "That's it, I will also take a bottle of your finest fresh olive oil" Michael North and Zoe from TV Casualty"An amazing taste experience, a true master indeed!" Sunetra Sarker - ZOE - from BBC 1 TV series "Casualty"

The Olive Oil Man, expert and judge Michael North, who dared to take on Deborah Meaden during his time in the Den - Here's testing you, Michael - Deborah Meadon Jaques Marchal - Fresh seasonal olive oil, voila! this is what we all need!

Hello Mike 
We were one of your early customers on Saturday at Wells - you sold us some rapeseed oil and passionfruit balsamic vinegar having given us a very enthusiastic tasting demonstration.  We just wanted to let you know that we've just eaten THE most delicious tomato salad (our own produce, of course) with fresh herbs and basil, drizzled with the oil and vinegar.  It was sensational!!  Thank you so much for introducing us to such an amazing taste.
Hope you had a very successful day - M&R S - 28/7/09

After the Dragons Den some independent comment here

Hi Mike, just wanted to acknowledge safe receipt of three bottles of olive oil
- just days after signing up - so, great service, superbly packed,
delicious product. Have had lots of fun trying out your suggestions
and look forward to the next batch. This is a fantastic, original
idea and one from which we are getting a great deal of pleasure so we
wish you every success, so the we may enjoy many more years'
enjoyment of fresh bottles from around the world.
Regards, John & Annette, Normandie, France. - October 2008Hi, I just wanted to email you to say what a wonderful response I had to the gift I sent my Mum. She absolutely loves the letter opener and says that it is really beautiful. Thank you for sending it promptly and thank you for it being what it said it was - as you never really know for sure when you order from the internet.Michael North | Ready Steady Cook
Thanks, Isabel - 9th July 2008Came along for a tasting session of your Black Gold vinegars, WOW - blown away, my fav was Raspberry, no Pomegranate, oh, and the Fig... Thank you so much, yummy - Brigid - July 08 Ainsley Harriet insisted on taking home the really fresh olive oil the Trail Master brought in for Chefs to produce the "quickie bag" Club Members who had the showcase oil from New Zealand - Olivenz - will know exactly what it is like. Sold out now but we are sure it will be back when the next harvest proves to be as good!!Name all the stars in the photo to win a bottle of the new BLACK GOLD "White Balsamic" Contact us hereJeni Barnett - LBC
Jeni's back on LBC! -
The end of Chocolate week - Jeni presents a new olive oil chocolate ganache and balsamic vinegar from the Trail Master and Damian Allsop - a world first!! Read her BLOG here
Sat Bains with The Trail MasterMichelin Chef Sat Bains has a wonderful restaurant with accommodation for your gastronomic ecstasy Sat is at the cutting edge with delights like olive jelly and olive oil chocolate. Using the world's freshest olive oil and finest balsamic's his guests are in for a real treat - see his site to book your extravaganza and/or more details.
"We had a great tasting with the Trail Master and opened my eyes to really fresh olive oil watch out for some new dishes"! - Sat Bains Sept 2007Richard Page - ChefRichard Page visits the Trail Master and collects his new Club selection and tastes a new forthcoming oil. cold pressed organic single variety Avocado - fantastic culinary potential here!! Richard, August 2007"Heavenly Oil! Just wanted to say that I received the oils and haveAngela Hartnett and Mike North The Trailmaster tasted the Waterfall River oil and it's heaven. I couldn't even wait until dinner this evening - just whipped out a piece of bread and dipped it in the oil. Great choice!" Heidi, London, August 2007Rolf Harris in Wells"Not sure about all this fresh extra virgin olive oil stuff - just joking!! Great olive wood bowls though! " Rolf Harris, August 2007 visit to Wells City, Somerset."Actually, my current flavour is Cider vinegar but the Black Gold is one I would use, it works particularly well well with rock salt and vanilla ice cream!" Angela Hartnett, Michelin chef, guest on Market Kitchen, UKTV Food
"Michael - it is amazing!
Just as good as a fine wine. My 19 year old son was back from uni and is now totally addicted. I did mention that his student loan probably doesn't run to this at present!! Hope all is well with you?"
Best wishes Gail - London 10th May 2007Matthew Fort and Mike North - The Trailmaster"A family friend makes this stuff in their roof and I have a little, 15 and 18 year old - the Balsamic cocktail, well in a word no! However your Black Gold is delicious and perhaps deserves better!!"
Matthew Fort - Presenter Market Kitchen - The GuardianOlive Oil Club - Mike North  BBC Food Program Radio Four - Charles Quest Ritson Some good tips here and information see here - but not sure about the Italian National Organisation for Olive Oil Tasters - take look for yourself if you like!!?Jeni Barnett UKTV FOOD Jeni Barnett - "Loved it so much I joined the club!!" January 2007
Peter Bayless - BBC Master Chef 2006. "Remarkable this olive oil is the food of the Gods. I am inspired to develop a new concept with this remarkable fruit juice. January 2007. OK, I've done a genuine tasting and the bottom line is that the Spanish Melgarejo I liken to a robust Chianti while the Quinta Vale de Peter Bayless - Master Chef 2006Lobos is like the finest Gervrey Chambertin - what more can I say.
I marked the Spanish as robust, citrus and peppery and the Portuguese as Smooth, balanced, herby, delicious ..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" March 2007
Have a look at what BBC have done!!Frank Bordoni - ChefFrank Bordoni -Award winning Chef. "I am Italian and yes this like Mamma's!" January 2007.Michael Talks to WI WI Logo "This was a remarkable experience. Michavel, Trail Master I am told has conducted thousands of tutored tasting's in the past that have been life changing and yes, I was one of the skeptics! I was wrong, not only is his presentation on fresh olive oil a revelation it has inspired us to get together and bring more fresh produce into the West End of London."
Kate, President, West End Branch, January 2007Michael North does Maximus Logo"This man is truly a master and brings interest and excitement to an otherwise dull and boring at best subject of olive oil!! Bring on the fresh fruit juice, I'm there!!" January 2007
Ian, Managing Director - Maximus, large format printing and exhibition display standsSeventy Percent, of what you might say? - well its chocolate - olive oil and chocolate are on the move. Martin Christy at SEVENTY PERCENT is with us and is sure that fresh olive oil will make its way into new chocolate horizons - thank you Martin Check out their amazing site - hereMartin Christy of Seventy PercentA number of chocolatiers have had the experience would you like it too?
"An amazing experience, and such a good honest endeavour in this modern day of indiference......Well done!"
Nic C, London, December 2006"Michael, Just a quick mail to thank you for your tasting demonstration and techniques - it has changed how we look at choosing oil and balsamic vinegar. Simple - we shall order from yourselves! Thank you for passing your experience on - it was most useful and will save us eating Tesco Extra Virgin Engine Oil!"
Kind regards
Mark & Julian James - NEC Birmingham, Nov 2006Michael,
"Thanks for the time spent telling us about your amazing products. I especially loved the new concept of really fresh olive oil - wow! - and you will deliver it as well.We absolutely love your Olive Oils. It was again a pleasure to visit your beautiful shop, after my first visit in April 2006. I would like to congratulate you on the amazing Bio Gold & Belessi Olive Oil; I have not tried olive oil that comes close to the flavour and intensity. Your tasting of Olive Oil is as important as a wine tasting counter in a wine shop. Your in store tasting is a great idea it really shows the between the three Olive oils and then the contrast of tasting a major supermarket branded one. Well, where do I start regarding your Balsamic Vinegar’s 5 & 12 year olds’, unbelievable!!!! Nothing comes close!!"
Best Wishes take care, Tim & Joanna, UK, August 2006